Top 7 Smoky Mountain Gifts That Aren’t Clothes

Top 7 Smoky Mountain Gifts That Aren’t Clothes

Everyone loves to have merchandise that represents their favorite things and places. One of the most popular things to get people are t-shirts or another type of clothing, but sometimes you’d rather have a different souvenir that you don’t have to wear. You’ll be glad to know we have a great selection of items that aren’t apparel if you don’t want another t-shirt. Check out these top 7 Smoky Mountain gifts that aren’t clothes:

1. Mugs

smoky mountain gift mug

If you’re a big coffee, tea, or hot beverage drinker, then a mug is a great way to represent the Great Smoky Mountains. When you have guests over, they will see just how much you love this mountain range, or you can take your drink to go in a travel mug so everyone can see it!

2. Calendars

Do you love landscape photos from the Smokies? Then there’s no better Smoky Mountain gift than a wall calendar. Keep up with all of your important appointments and get togethers all while looking at incredible mountain views and beautiful landscapes from the Great Smoky Mountains. You’ll love using a calendar that represents the Smokies!

3. Tote Bags

smoky mountain tote bag
Tote bags are a great souvenir because they are lightweight yet can hold quite a few items! Get one that shows just how much you love the Smokies but will also allow you to carry craft supplies, beach items, books, and so much more!

4. Blankets

A great Smoky Mountain gift for the person in your life who is always cold is a blanket. Let’s be honest—most people love getting a blanket as a gift, and what better gift to give than a reminder of how much they love the Smokies? You’ll find the perfect blanket for the person who loves bears, who’s favorite activity is hiking, and someone who just wants to be reminded of the best place in the world!

5. Magnets

great smoky mountains national park magnet

If you know someone who collects magnets of all the places they’ve been, then a magnet is the perfect thing to get them! You can get one that is subtle, like a black bear or one with the mountains in the background. Or if they like to have the name of the place they visited, you can always get the Great Smoky Mountains National Park magnet!

6. Coasters

Drink coasters are another great Smoky Mountain gift to give the person in your life if they don’t want clothes. They can protect their furniture from drink condensation while also showing off one of their favorite places in the world!

7. Phone Cases

i love cades cove phone case

A great way to show just how much you love the Smoky Mountains is to get a themed phone case. Every time you use your phone, you’ll be reminded of the Smokies, and it may even make you want to visit sooner! If you specifically love an area, such as Cades Cove, you can get an “I love Cades Cove” case, or you can get one that shows just how much you love Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg. There are plenty of phone case options for Smoky Mountain lovers!

These Smoky Mountain gifts are perfect for yourself or a loved one who wants to be reminded of the mountains all the time without having to wear a t-shirt or hoodie. Not sure what type of gift you want? Browse through these Smoky Mountain themed items to find the perfect souvenir!